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home insurance review 

Homeowners insurance is for the what-ifs and hope-nots, but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. In fact, a home insurance review could save you money by ensuring that you are taking advantage of every discount. Insurance needs can also change over time and a small oversight could lead to a big gap in coverage. To make sure that your policy is a perfect fit, a home insurance review is a smart exercise. It is especially beneficial if you’ve acquired expensive sports equipment over the years, inherited family heirlooms, or remodeled your home recently.

Before digging in to our list and making the call to your insurance agent, it’s a good idea to take inventory of your home and belongings. A photographic inventory of your possessions will help you

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balcony garden denver 

Creating a balcony garden is an easy way to increase your curb appeal, and to green up an otherwise underutilized space. Many flowering annuals, bulbs, vegetables, herbs, and even small shrubs can survive quite well in containers and pots, serving as an invaluable addition to your balcony or outdoor space. They can be a focal point for entertaining guests and family, can provide you with fresh cuttings of herbs–think parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme–or maybe just aid in the creation of a quiet place for contemplation.

Whichever the case, here is a mini guide on how to create an urban balcony garden for your outdoor space in Denver.

1. Assess Your Outdoor Space

The first step in planning any balcony garden is assessing your site conditions.

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Change the face of Denver Real Estate

Last month, the average Denver single family home price exceeded half a million dollars. This local milestone represents years worth of equity climbs, low inventory, and the changing Mile High City as a whole.

According to Susan Adams, "For the first time ever, our average home prices exceeded $500,000. This isn't especially surprising given the record home prices, low inventory, and high demand that we've seen for the last few years."

metro denver March 2018 market report metro denver luxe March 2018 market report

Since 2014, Metro Denver has seen record high home prices and record low days on market... especially in the entry-level and more affordable home sectors. This steep climb into Denver’s current [intense] seller’s market is due largely to the area’s listing shortage. There are far too few homes on the

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Seasonality in the denver real estate market

With Denver's booming home sales and the strong seller's market, both buyers and sellers are curious as to when to jump into the pool of residential real estate. Should they paddle around in the shallow end to test the waters before buying or selling or sit on the edge awaiting the perfect moment to jump in?

Luckily, seasonality in the Denver real estate market is about as predictable as the likelihood of a messy splash from a cannonball at the local pool. Whether the market is up or down, metro Denver listings and sales tend to follow the same trends year after year. Our glance-worthy infographic will help you navigate timing in the Denver real estate market so that you don't have to waste time dipping your toe into the kiddie side of the housing

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Premium home prices across Colorado’s Front Range have had buyers in a pinch for the past five years. Those seeking an affordable home in or around Denver have struggled through stressful multiple offers and price tags that they simply couldn’t afford. Real estate experts agree that this extreme seller’s market is due mostly to the area’s listing shortage. 

Colorado Ballot Measure 66 

And yet, a ballot measure is working its way into the November elections that would limit new housing growth to 1% or less of the existing homes in Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, El Paso, Jefferson, Larimer, and Weld counties. Colorado initiative #66 would clearly have a wide-reaching impact on Denver’s housing market.

In a recent update, as reported by The Denver

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With Denver’s restaurant week 2018 just around the corner, our agents served up their favorite locations and dishes from our deliciously foodie city! For 10 delectable days, hundreds of Denver’s top restaurants will offer multi-course tasting menus for $25, $35, or $45.  Denver restaurant week delights taste buds from February 23rd until March 4th, 2018. So, browse restaurant week menus and make your reservations before they’re gone!

 Denver Restaurant Week 2018

Live Urban’s Real Estate Agents know the fare and city well, so you can trust that their Denver Restaurant Week 2018 favs are the top of the town:

Jill Mant - Jill recommends Table Six, Mister Tuna, Rioja, Sushi Den and Bar Dough. 

Jill Mant

“Denver is now so chock-full of deliciousness and all of these restaurants

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Denver’s real estate market has remained a seller’s market for the last handful of years. There are far more buyers than there are sellers, leaving the power scales tipped in favor of those listing their homes for sale.

Denver's Listing Shortage

The start of 2018 saw no change in this dynamic… active listings hit a record low in January even though new listings increased since this time in 2017. Yup, that means that there were more buyers too! Regardless of the reason, Denver’s listing shortage continues to take hold of the residential real estate market.

Of course, home values continue to inflate, reaching an average of $449,429 this month. That’s almost a 12% increase since January of last year and scarce listings are at least partially to thank/blame.

What buyers

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Live Urban Real Estate’s community commitment shines most through our 2018 Live & Give program!

Live and Give in Denver

Each year, in January, Live Urban agents nominate their favorite local charities and passionately plead their cases to the rest of the brokerage. In the end, Live Urban Real Estate elects 3 beneficiaries for the coming year’s Live & Give program.

Every Live Urban Real Estate closing signifies a collaboration between Live Urban, the agent, and the homebuyer or seller to provide valuable funds to the selected Live & Give partners. A portion of every commission is donated to the Live & Give recipient of the client’s choice, allowing the community to benefit from Live Urban, just as Live Urban is continuously benefitting from the community!

In 2014,

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Live Urban Real Estate Denver

Live Urban Real Estate established itself as the Urban Living Denver Real Estate Brokerage 12 years ago. Drawn to the vibrant aspects of urban life, founder John Skrabec saw an unfilled niche in the Denver real estate market. Since then, Live Urban agents have served as Denver’s urban living experts through their boutique real estate services and neighborhood keenness.

Featured in an article entitled Boutique Denver Brokerage Doubles Down on Urban Neighborhoods by Beta Brokers this month, Live Urban was described as a focused brokerage with a clear-eyed vision of its clientele, “Live Urban Real Estate is clear in its target demographic: active residents who love city life and know Denver’s urban neighborhoods.”

And this has never been more

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 Benefits of Selling Your Home in the Winter 

Denver’s listing shortage continues to drive home prices higher and higher. If you’re a homebuyer, this is likely the news that has you losing sleep at night. But, if you’re a seller, this is the ace in your back pocket!

Listings decrease during the fall, then make a slow climb throughout the winter and into the spring and summer. Though autumn and early winter are seen as Denver's "slow season", buyers are always searching for a good home in Denver and winter marks the start of new buyers joining the real estate market. The thing is, with inventory so low this time of year, homes on the market are at a premium. The benefits of selling your home in the winter are substantial.

Your Home Becomes Coveted

The Tesla of Real EState

Think about it, when Tesla released

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